Warrior's Song


How We Got Started

After being medically retired from the US Army, Bob looked to his passion of music. He taught Music Theory at the Blessed Hope Baptist College in Benton, Arkansas; and then eventually met up with the Hallelujah Harmony Quartet, where he began singing tenor with them.

After a few years of traveling Arkansas with HHQ, Bob felt the Lord leading him to step out and begin his own ministry of song. After much prayer and council, Bob turned in his notice to HHQ and began the steps to build a Southern Gospel group.

Several dozen names were contemplated for the group. Finally, "Warrior's Song" was settled upon, because of Bob's military background, and because of the Biblical principle that we are warriors in God's army.

However, God had some different ideas. Bob was contacted by Joe, who invited him to audition for another group. When that fell through Bob, Joe, and Lee decided to start a group. They settled on the name Bob had chosen for the group he was going to start, and the rest is history.

Where We Are, and Where We're Headed

Right now, we are in the building stages. We've nearly got all our personnel settled, and will begin working on our first CD project soon. Our plan is to remain regional for the time being, singing in the lower Midwest and lower Eastern United States. But we will grow as God blesses and directs, with the eventual idea of becoming a full time touring group.

Bob Presswood, Tenor


About Bob

Bob grew up singing with his family. His parents, Bob and Stephanie, taught him how to hear harmonies at the age of 3. Bob sang in various quartets and trios growing up, including singing alongside his cousins, who now travel as The Ball Brothers.

Bob eventually became an ordained Baptist minister and served for a while as Youth Pastor before joining the US Army in 2008. He served 12 months in Iraq and 13 months in Afghanistan. After returning home, he was medically retired from the Army, and moved to Benton, Arkansas to be near his family.

Bob went through a dark period in his life as he was suffering from issues that stem from war. But with God's help, he was able to find a purpose again in song. He began singing tenor for the Hallelujah Harmony Quartet, and traveled Arkansas singing with them for three years.

Now, with his service dog Catti-Brie by his side, Bob hopes to be an encouragement to all he meets, civilians and veterans alike, as he shares his testimony of God's love and grace.


Bob lives with his wife of 14 years, Chaille. They have three daughters; Cheslyn, Chyrie, and Chaella. They have two dogs; Chaille's german shepherd named Shiva, and Bob's service dog named Catti-Brie.

Bob enjoys playing many sports, including basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, ultimate frisbee... and if really needed, baseball.

Joe Greatorex, Bass


About Joe

Joe Greatorex joins Warrior's Song with a deep smooth bass voice that is sure to win the hearts of audiences across the country. He brings a lot of experience to the table. Whether it's singing a smooth bass line or stepping out and doing a solo, Joe has the ability and talent to sing his way right into your heart. 

Joe has sung with several groups as well as driving the bus with gospel great Bro. Squire Parsons. We are glad to have Joe and his talent with us.


Joe lives with his wife, Kim and their children Emma and Aaden. They make their home in Cullman, Alabama

Joshua Ransom, Lead


About Joshua

Joshua sang and traveled with the legendary Blackwood Quartet along with other regional quartets, as well as being the worship leader in one of the local churches in his area. Joshua grew up in a small town in southern Oklahoma and has been singing as long as he can remember. Joshua will primarily be singing baritone, but will switch to lead sometimes, bringing yet more versatility to the group. Besides being a talented singer, Joshua also plays the guitar, piano, and ukulele.


Joshua and his wife Tiffany have three daughters. Olivia, Caroline, and Kinsley (arriving in May). They live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Joshua began playing the piano at the age of 15.



About our Baritone

Our Baritone will be revealed, soon!